Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt

Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt

Rory Rich and his family opened Menchie's Frozen Yogurt on 24th Street in May of 2017. Their mission since that day has been to make their guests smile.

Menchie’s makes you smile!

This is the mission that Rory Rich and his team set out to accomplish from the day they opened the franchise in May 2017. Rory says, “While most people think that we sell frozen yogurt, the real goal is to make them smile by providing them with an exceptional experience and amazing frozen desserts.” Everything is about quality – starting with the best ingredients, but more importantly Rory says their first priority is creating an awesome experience for their guests.

We had a chance to ask Rory some questions about Menchie’s and how he got started with the franchise.

Was there a defining moment that inspired you to open a Menchie’s?

“My daughters and I have always wanted a restaurant. During our introduction with Menchie’s, we quickly realized the franchise’s focus on quality, guest care and people who were aligned with the ideals we hold important. The fantastic froyo was the ‘cherry on top’ to what has become an experience we’ll never forget.”

What drew you to the Ogden-Weber area?

“We wanted to bring the Menchie’s experience to the northern part of Utah and we knew without any doubt that downtown Ogden was our target. Despite the area ‘not fitting’ with the Menchie’s expected footprint, we convinced them that Ogden’s downtown vibe was indeed the place to be.”

“Nowhere in Weber county can you find a place with so much to do packed into such a small area. We knew we could make the Menchie’s experience fit right in with the incredible energy found in downtown Ogden.”

Tell us about the internal culture at Menchie’s. What makes it so unique?

“We don’t have ’employees,’ we have team members. It is not just a twist on language… We want our folks to feel cared for as best we can. We are supportive and we recognize that for much of our team, it is their first job in the labor market. We feel a responsibility to set them up for success.”

You’ve mentioned creating exceptional experiences for your guests. What has been your biggest moment with Menchie’s?

“Our acceptance by Ogden and surrounding communities has been incredible. The connection to our fans and our community has been so much fun and so very humbling. We’re not here just to make a buck – we want to connect with the community and we think we’ve done a good job at that.”

We’ve seen many positive reviews about your business. Are there any comments that have stuck out to you?

“We get many compliments on how well our guests are treated by our team members. This is the number one thing that I am told more than anything else.”

What excites you the most about owning and operating a business in Ogden?

“We see the resilience of our guests and Utah residents coming out of the chaos that COVID-19 has created. We see Ogden and the downtown area becoming more vibrant and exciting – entertainment, arts, businesses and a myriad of other aspects. We can see ourselves being a part of that growth and vibrance.”

Do you have any quotes or words of wisdom that you can share with us?

“I will always remember this quote by Buckaroo Banzai, ‘No matter where you go… There you are. It sums up the fact that it is important to embrace where and who you are no matter where you find yourself in life.”


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