Being a partner with the Ogden-Weber Chamber gives you access to benefits you simply can’t get anywhere else. Gaining support from the numerous Chamber committees is one such benefit. When you join one of the committees, you’ll be immersed in a friendly environment where networking is always possible. With so many choices as to which committee to join, we know you’ll find something that fits.

These committees, which are directly associated with the Ogden-Weber Chamber, give your business opportunities to work on outreach and provide chances for you to engage in the Ogden area community.

List of Committees

While some of the committees allow you to mingle with others in your industry and provide you with information you need to make your business stronger, other committees are have only one representative from each industry. Deciding which style is right for your business is largely dependent on what you want out of the committees.

The committees that work directly under the Ogden-Weber Chamber include:

Each committee has a unique way for you to join it. As long as you are a member of the Ogden-Weber Chamber and meet the additional qualifications for the committee, these resources are open to you and your business!

Committee Meetings

Attending the committee meetings is in your best interest. At each and every meeting, you’ll receive valuable information and be able to give input regarding your industry and the advancement of the Ogden-Weber community as a whole. These committees give you a place to voice your ideas while receiving additional training and information that will only help you continue the growth of your business

To find out more about the committees at the Ogden-Weber Chamber, call us today at  (801) 621-8300!