Partners in Education

To promote the growth of the education sector in the Ogden-Weber area, the Ogden-Weber Chamber of Commerce has created the Partners in Education committee. This committee has members from businesses and educational facilities alike, making it a unique coalition that can speak for the community.

Partners in Education strives to connect local businesses with local schools so they can establish a symbiotic relationship with one another. Both can benefit from receiving aid from each other. And, as members from both parts of the community come together, the community will naturally grow stronger.

Becoming a Member of the Partners in Education

In order to encourage the growth of the committee and to more efficiently connect the schools and businesses in the Ogden-Weber area, there is no fee for joining this committee.

Once you apply, the current members of the committee will make sure that you qualify for a position, namely that you have some stake in the education realm of the community, and will contact you if once they’ve looked over your application.

Members of this committee will meet regularly on the first Tuesday of every month. At these meetings, the committee will discuss upcoming events going on in the school district, the local legislation, and the community, so attending as often as possible is important.

Ogden-Weber Schools

All schools are considered in the Partners in Education committee, from the smallest elementary schools to Weber State University. Every one of the schools is valuable to the community and will be given ample opportunity to express its opinions during the committee meetings.

If you, members of your school community, or your business is interested in being part of the committee and encouraging the growth of education in the Ogden-Weber area, contact the Ogden-Weber Chamber of Commerce today at (801) 621-8300!