Eden Streets / Grow Ogden Does More than Grow Food

Eden Streets / Grow Ogden Does More than Grow Food

Eden Streets is on a mission to relaunch lives and cultivate community through urban farming. As an association of farmers with social missions, Eden Streets is defining a new profession for those who want to create positive change through agriculture. They are gathering best practices, documenting processes, and educating members to establish and operate farms focused on strengthening communities.

Eden Streets also directly initiates new urban farms, like Grow Ogden, handling everything from securing land leases to fostering partnerships with local organizations. Grow Ogden provides opportunities for disadvantaged individuals to learn valuable skills while transitioning back into the workforce and our community.

Grow Ogden is Eden Streets’ first pilot farm aimed at transitionally employing those facing homelessness. In 2022, volunteers prepared the site by building grow boxes, raised beds, and more. They also donated fresh produce to local food pantries. The farm has already received robust community support, with 65 volunteers contributing over 360 hours of work. Local leaders have also provided letters of endorsement.

Led by the “Mr. Rogers of Farming”, “Farmer Karl” saw first-hand how foster children experienced the benefits of interacting with nature in the garden in the Grow-Life after-school program (A pilot program in partnership with Northern Children’s Services, a Philadelphia institution).

After being inspired by Josh Slotnick’s TedTalk(R), “Community Farming: It’s Not About the Food”, Farmer Karl decided to enroll at the University of Montana’s Environmental Studies graduate program in Sustainable Food and Farming to learn how to make the benefits of farming with a social mission available in any community.

So much can be done to get the word out through letting our community know about this amazing way to rebuild and relaunch lives through farming. Here’s a link to what Grow Ogden has accomplished and what they need. 

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