Chamber Impact on the Community: Forging The Norsatch Podcast

Chamber Impact on the Community: Forging The Norsatch Podcast

Chamber President & CEO, Chuck Leonhardt is a guest on Forging the Norsatch Podcast. He shares information about the history of the Ogden-Weber Chamber of Commerce and its impact on the local community then and now.

Forging the Norsatch Podcast is presented by the Economic Development Office of Weber State University for entrepreneurs, start ups, small business owners and the supporters of the Northern Utah entrepreneurial ecosystem. In each episode, listeners learn about news and upcoming events, an interesting topic of the day and an enlightening interview with a new company or organization that supports business in the Norsatch.

Consider tuning in for inspirational stories from small businesses and organizations that support them in creating a cohesive environment in northern Utah.

Listen to Episode 13 on Spotify or Anchor. We invite all community members to join our community Facebook group, Ogden-Weber! Shout It Out! to share why Weber County is a great place to live, learn, shop, work, and play.

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Ogden-Weber Chamber of Commerce

Founded in 1887, the Ogden-Weber Chamber of Commerce is a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing business and community prosperity in northern Utah. 

Based in Ogden, the Chamber represents 850+ organizations in 15 cities and several unincorporated areas in Weber County.

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