Workforce Development

At the Ogden-Weber Chamber of Commerce, the Workforce Development committee has, for many years now, been dedicated to protecting workplace rights, analyzing the current workplace needs, and managing deficiencies that are rampant within the community. With both the interest of businesses and the workforce in mind, the Workforce Development committee is improving the relationships between two huge sectors of the Ogden-Weber area.

The members of the Workforce Development committee meet monthly, on the fourth Wednesday of every month at 8:00 a.m., in the Ogden-Weber Chamber of Commerce office. There, the committee will discuss the current legislation, policies, and methods of improving workforce-workplace relations.

Promoting Workplace Fairness

The Workforce Development committee has a two-fold relationship with employers and potential employees to promote fairness and prevent discrimination as much as possible. The Workforce Development committee wants to understand the issues behind workplace discrimination of all types, which definitely includes the disability discrimination. The Workforce Development Committee partners with The Utah Business Employers Team (UBET) on disability issues. UBET strives to promote the employment of people with disabilities and provides support to employers who want to further similar goals.

Additionally, the committee helps businesses find the workforce they are looking for within the community. When your business works with Workforce Development, your business will have a better chance at finding the pool of qualified individuals your business needs.

Becoming a Member of Workforce Development

Workforce Development is interested in having motivated community members on the committee. Because the committee will, at times, be dealing with sensitive issues, the committee looks for open-minded individuals who are comfortable with vocalizing their opinions and knowledge on the subjects at hand.

If you or someone within your business would be interested in joining or taking part in the Workforce Development committee, you can get more information about how to apply to become a member from the Ogden-Weber Chamber of Commerce. Simply call the Chamber today at (801)621-8300.