WIB Scholarship Application

The purpose of the Women in Business scholarships is to enhance the skills of Women in Business (WIB) members. This committee provides recognition and support for members of WIB. Part of this program is to provide financial support to its members to attend professional training events and conferences. The WIB Executive Board determines who receives professional development scholarships and how those individuals will share what they learned with other WIB members.

Training Grants/Scholarship Guidelines

  1. An application form, a copy of the proposed training event/conference registration form and any supporting information must be submitted to the WIB liaison for review by the scholarship committee chair and approval by the WIB Executive Board.
  2. The applicant must be a member in good standing of the Ogden-Weber Chamber of Commerce and WIB. The applicant must be a WIB member for a minimum of six consecutive months prior to applying for/receiving a scholarship.
  3. During any calendar year, no more than two scholarships will be awarded for the same training event/conference. Generally, WIB will grant only one scholarship per company in any 12-month period.
  4. All scholarships will be awarded at up to 75% for lodging, transportation, and/or registration fees not to exceed $500 for one individual in a 12-month period. Individuals must seek financial assistance from their employers prior to submitting an application.
  5. After board approval of an applicant, the scholarship will be awarded in two separate checks. The first will be for 75% of the total scholarship. The remaining 25% will be disbursed after the training has been attended and the scholarship evaluation form has been submitted.
  6. Leadership Northern Utah (LNU) scholarships will be evaluated as any other scholarship with the exception that LNU scholarships will be awarded upfront as a transfer from the WIB scholarship funds to the Chamber’s LNU account.
  7. Those receiving a scholarship will be required to complete the scholarship evaluation form and may be asked to share their experience with the members of the Scholarship Committee, and if appropriate, with other members of WIB. The WIB Board reserves the right to publish scholarship evaluation forms. The scholarship recipient may also be asked to present a five-minute oral report at a WIB meeting.

    Please make sure to submit your application as soon as possible to allow for approval and processing.


    *Full Name:

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    *Title of Training Event/Conference:




    Registration Deadline:

    Have you requested funding for this training event/conference from another source, including your employer?

    Have you been the recipient of a WIB scholarship in the past?

    *Training Event/Conference Fee:

    Would you be willing to share your experience?
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    If you checked "Other", please explain how you would share your experience:

    Explain how this training event/conference will help you achieve your career goals:

    All scholarship recipients will receive 75% of funds upon approval and the remaining 25% will be sent upon completion of an evaluation form at the completion of the training event/conference. A staff member will be in contact with you after the application has been submitted for further/supporting information, if needed.

    Submit training/conference details.

    Submit invoice or billing documents.