Christmas at Compass Rose Lodge

Christmas at Compass Rose Lodge

This weekend, step into a world of festive charm and heartwarming tales with a trio of delightful Christmas movies filmed at Compass Rose Lodge, a unique boutique hotel, in the heart of Ogden Valley. These movies, although filmed in warmer months, capture the essence of the holiday season and are the perfect companions to cozy evenings leading up to Christmas.

1. Christmas Edition – Lifetime

It’s Christmas time and Jackie (Carly Hughes), an up-and- coming journalist, finds that her life is at a crossroads until she finds an unexpected opportunity – to run a small-town newspaper in Alaska. Jackie decides to give it a try and relocates to the small picture-perfect small town. Using a series of Christmas articles, she’s able to quickly return the newspaper to profitability, and soon falls in love… both with her new home and the handsome son of the paper’s former owner. However, when her old boss announces plans to take over the paper for herself, Jackie will need a Christmas miracle to save it.

2. A Cozy Christmas Inn – Hallmark

Real estate exec, Erika, travels to Alaska during the holidays to acquire a B&B, only to discover it’s owned by her ex. Soon she is falling in love with the town and quite possibly him. Starring Jodie Sweetin and David O’Donnell. In this film, Compass Rose Lodge is one of two B&B competitors.

3. Check Inn to Christmas – Hallmark

Julia comes home to spend the holidays with her family running their inn only to get caught up in a longstanding feud with a rival business. To complicate matters, the competition is an irresistible guy called Ryan. Plus Check Inn to Christmas was ranked #5 of all time by Cosmopolitan.

Why Should you Watch:

  • Heartwarming Stories: Each movie is a testament to love, family, and the joy of the festive season, bringing a sprinkle of warmth and happiness into your home.
  • Captivating Scenery: Immerse yourself in the beauty of Compass Rose Lodge and the Huntsville area.
  • Top-Rated Entertainment: “Check Inn to Christmas” has garnered high praise, earning its place as one of the most beloved Christmas movies by audiences and critics alike.

Remember, the best gift you can give yourself this Christmas is the gift of joy and heartwarming moments. Spend a few hours on you and enjoy the enchanting world of Christmas at Compass Rose Lodge.

Merry Christmas!

Learn more about (or better yet book a stay with) Compass Rose Lodge on their website.


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