Weber State launches Talent Ready Cybersecurity and IT Infrastructure apprenticeship

Weber State launches Talent Ready Cybersecurity and IT Infrastructure apprenticeship

June 22, 2023

OGDEN, Utah — Weber State University is launching a new program for students pursuing cybersecurity and information technology degrees. The Talent Ready Cybersecurity and IT Infrastructure Apprenticeship program aims to help students upskill and gain technical training.

Students will interact with WSU instructors and business professionals while gaining experience performing real-world cybersecurity and IT responsibilities. The program also allows students to be paid while completing their academic studies.

“There is a great demand for cybersecurity and IT professionals due to the daily increase in cyberattacks worldwide,” said Brian Rague, associate dean for WSU’s College of Engineering, Applied Science & Technology. “Graduates in this field are going to have a wide range of job opportunities at various companies.”

Rague said the importance of secure data and smooth operational integrity is rapidly increasing in industries such as healthcare, public utilities, aerospace and defense contracting.

Students who apply and are accepted to the program are then interviewed to determine which tech company best fits them.

“This program is very engaging for our apprentices,” Rague said. “One of the perks is that students receive guidance from professionals already in the field and get on-the-job training.”

The program will last for two years and can fund 65 students. Applications for the program are accepted on an ongoing basis. 

Steps to apply for the apprenticeship opportunity are provided on the Utah Technology Apprenticeship Program website

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