Ogden-Weber Chamber Sponsored Insurance Plan

Ogden-Weber Chamber Sponsored Insurance Plan

After many years of working with partners to create a viable health insurance offering, we are excited to share with you the Ogden-Weber Chamber Sponsored Insurance Plan. This plan has been designed to provide you, our loyal members, with a comprehensive and affordable insurance solution that meets the needs of your business and employees.

As a business owner and Chamber member, you know the value of providing quality insurance benefits to your employees. With the Chamber plan, we’ve connected with top-rated insurance carriers to offer a variety of coverage options, providing you with the flexibility to choose the right plan that can be tailored to your organization’s health insurance needs. Our intent is to enable you to provide a real and wholistic healthcare package for your employees.

Enrolling in the plan is convenient and hassle-free. Our streamlined enrollment process provides you with one platform to sign up quickly and easily. Managing the plan is equally convenient with easy, one-source billing for all benefits.

We understand that cost is a significant factor when it comes to providing employee benefits. That’s why our plan premiums are based on the size and strength of the Chamber, enabling you to tap into that bargaining power for the best rates possible while maintaining quality coverage.

Our partners who manage the plan are available to support you in navigating the insurance landscape, answering questions, and addressing any concerns you may have.

We believe that the Ogden-Weber Chamber Sponsored Insurance Plan will help your business attract and retain the best talent, providing the benefits your employees need to thrive. We’re excited to serve you and your employees.

To learn more about the program or fill out an interst form please visit: https://www.ogdenweberchamber.com/owcsip/


Ogden-Weber Chamber of Commerce

Founded in 1887, the Ogden-Weber Chamber of Commerce is a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing business and community prosperity in northern Utah. 

Based in Ogden, the Chamber represents 850+ organizations in 15 cities and several unincorporated areas in Weber County.

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