Mel Witharana, Janadhi & Company

Mel Witharana, Janadhi & Company

Mel Witharana created Janadhi & Co. with the intention of providing the same quality assistance that you'd find from enterprise-class businesses with dedicated IT teams.

Mel Witharana, Janadhi & Company

In 2006, Mel saw that one of the needs for small businesses was assistance with technology and cooperation – to provide the same quality assistance that you’d find from enterprise-class businesses with dedicated IT teams. He believed that with the right help, small businesses could compete and be successful in the marketplace. This defining moment is what sparked the inspiration for Janadhi & Company.

Janadhi & Company helps businesses cross the bridge of technology. As an IT solution for businesses, they offer A-Z technological needs. When asked what makes his organization unique, Mel said, “Even though we provide services to over 2000+ customers, we have a close relationship with each client. We like to build long-term relationships and we have always stood by our clients.”

Mel and his team are also very knowledgeable about their products and services. Every year, they allocate a large amount of their revenue to properly train their staff. They also look after the community by volunteering, donating to non-profits, or working on projects that help build better communities.

“I feel I have grown stronger by hearing and seeing others smile when they succeed. Knowing that I have contributed to the growth of a client’s business and helped them in accomplishing their dreams of success… This is why I do what I do,” said Mel, referring to his purpose at Janadhi & Company.

One of Mel’s favorite quotes is, “Be the change you want to see in the world,” from Gandhi. This quote is one that him and his team live by. Mel loves to see the smiles on people’s faces after they get the help they need – this is the biggest win for his company.

Mel is excited for the future of Janadhi & Company as technology continues to advance!

To learn more about Mel, his staff, or Janadhi & Company please visit their website here, call or email: (801) 529 4182 or


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