The Monarch, Thaine Fischer

The Monarch, Thaine Fischer

In November of 2019, Thaine Fischer founded The Monarch – a collaborative environment where artists, creative businesses, and makers of all types can connect, inspire and create together in the heart of Ogden's Nine Rails Creative District.

Since 2010, there had been discussions of designating a space for the Arts community – a place to highlight the talent and creativity of the community in downtown Ogden. Local artists needed an affordable space in a convenient location, and East Central Ogden could provide exactly that.

Thaine Fischer started researching Arts and Creative districts in 2012 when he found an interesting statistic… Arts and Creative districts don’t fail, ever! The only recognized failure is that they become so successful, the community who started them can no longer afford to live there. In addition, they are typically founded in the less desirable or neglected parts of a community. Thaine felt Ogden’s creative and artistic community was underrepresented and needed a place to call home.

Years later in November of 2019, Thaine founded The Monarch – a collaborative environment where artists, creative businesses, and makers of all types can connect, inspire, and create together in the heart of Ogden’s Nine Rails Creative District.

“We believe that creativity drives communities,” says Thaine. “We strive to provide the region with unique experiences through artist engagement, a creative environment as a pallet for private event space, and superior management hosting memorable events.”

Thaine and his staff connected a community of artists, makers, and creatives in a redeveloped historic parking structure. In essence, The Monarch put a flag in the ground for the Nine Rails Creative District, a statement that it believes in the power of ART. The organization takes pride in their community impact and feel that their biggest win has been seeing all the support from Ogden City and the entire Wasatch Front.

“At our grand opening, we had many individuals become emotional while telling us stories of how they have interacted with this historic building,” says Thaine in regards to the overwhelming support. “They love how it has become a creative space that welcomes everyone. Now, they get to create even more memories here.”

Thaine and his team at The Monarch are excited to continue expanding the creative spirit and keep the Arts in Ogden Growing.

To learn more about Thaine, his staff, or The Monarch please visit their website here, call or email: (602) 999 1855 or


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