Protecting Our Youth with OPD

Protecting Our Youth with OPD

The Junior League of Ogden is proud to present this two-part virtual information series on protecting Ogden’s youth in collaboration with the Ogden Police Department.

Join us via Zoom (registration link in the event details section) to learn about the status of current safety issues and best practices to keep our youth safe, resilient, and thriving. Presentations will be hosted at 4 pm on March 25th and April 29th. Both sessions will include presentations by the Ogden Police Department followed by a Q&A facilitated by the Junior League of Ogden.

Hear from speakers such as Ogden City Police Department’s Community Outreach Coordinator, officers from different task forces, and the Ogden City Community Policing team.

This series is free and open to everyone, simply join our zoom link with your microphone muted, and drop any questions you may have in the chat box. Each participant will be sent a follow-up overview of the training to include notes, further information from the Q&A, and additional resources.

The Junior League of Ogden is an organization of women committed to promoting voluntarism, developing the potential of women, and improving the community through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers. Its purpose is exclusively educational and charitable.

Protecting Our Youth | Part One
MARCH 25, 4 pm

Junior League to give an overview of the series and introduce speakers

Learn what to look for in protecting children from abuse, trafficking, neglect, drugs/alcohol, and other dangers; as well as processes for reporting, the current status of each in Ogden, and helpful programs and resources.

Ogden Police Department

Diana Lopez, Community Outreach Coordinator /

  • What are the biggest safety issues concerning Ogden youth right now?
  • What youth task forces are there?
  • 4 types of neglect – emotional, physical, medical, and educational
  • Gang and youth violence/alcohol and substance abuse
  • Status of child trafficking in Utah/Ogden
    • What to look for and how to report
  • Status of child abuse in Ogden
  • How to identify, report, and prevent child abuse
    • What to look for and be aware/mindful of
    • (855) 323-3237 – Utah Child Abuse Reporting Hotline
    • Different forms of abuse – neglect, mental, sexual, physical, etc.
    • Ways to protect your children, their friends, neighborhood kids, etc.
    • Teaching children to recognize, resist, and report

Junior League to facilitate Q & A and send follow up email to participants

Protecting Our Youth | Part Two
APRIL 29, 4 pm

Junior League to give an overview of the series and introduce speakers

Learn about working with difficult behaviors, preventative methods, digital responsibility/internet safety, and a variety of different local resources and services available to support youth such as Ogden’s community policing program.

Ogden Police Department

  • Overview of Community Policing program in Ogden
    • The purpose is to increase positive interaction between the police and the community through neighborhood meetings, the use of foot patrol, bicycle patrol, sub-stations in the community, neighborhood watch meetings, support of local community events, and presenting crime prevention information to civic, schools, and community groups.
  • What do kids need to feel secure?
  • How to talk to youth about hard topics
  • Working with difficult behaviors
  • Preventative methods and conversations
  • Internet safety/digital responsibility
    • Bullying and open conversations with children

Junior League to facilitate Q & A and send follow up email to participants


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