Chromalox Invests in Sustainable Future with Major Expansion of Ogden, Utah Facility

Chromalox Invests in Sustainable Future with Major Expansion of Ogden, Utah Facility

Chromalox, a premier provider of electric thermal solutions, has begun a major expansion at its Ogden, Utah manufacturing facility. The groundbreaking celebration took place on October 24, 2023, marked the beginning of an exciting journey towards technological advancements, increased sustainability, and enhanced production capacity at a facility that has been a part of Weber County since 1976.

The expansion project, backed by a $58 million investment and undertaken in collaboration with EK Bailey Construction, represents a substantial commitment to Weber County. The aim is to boost the facility’s capacity, create jobs, and usher in new manufacturing technology while aligning with Spirax-Sarco Engineering’s One Planet Sustainability Strategy.

Chromalox anticipates the completion of the new facility by the end of 2024 and will continue to provide updates on the project’s progress.

A Leap Towards Sustainability

Chromalox is known for pioneering electric heating technology over a century ago, and its Ogden facility plays a crucial role in delivering electric heating solutions for various industrial and commercial applications worldwide. With sustainability at the core of their mission, Chromalox is taking substantial steps to ensure their new facility will meet LEED Gold certification standards. This recognition is given to structures that exemplify health, efficiency, and environmentally-friendly construction.

To reduce the facility’s environmental impact, Chromalox is introducing several eco-friendly initiatives. This includes the installation of a ground source heat pump system, which will efficiently heat and cool the facility year-round with renewable geothermal energy. Additionally, the facility will employ LED lighting and high-efficiency systems to conserve water and improve recycling processes. State-of-the-art paint booths will utilize environmentally-friendly paints and advanced filtration systems, ultimately reducing operational energy consumption.

Investing in Biodiversity and Community

Chromalox is committed to giving back to the local ecosystem by restoring nearly five acres in the Ogden Nature Preserve, offsetting the environmental impact of the expansion. This endeavor will include the restoration of natural vegetation, wildlife habitat, and land that was historically affected by military operations and adverse weather.

Furthermore, Chromalox’s dedication to community and social responsibility extends beyond the restoration project. Colleagues at Chromalox are actively involved in volunteer activities and charitable donations, supporting causes like education, food security, and biodiversity. Every colleague is provided with 24 hours of paid leave time to engage in volunteer work for causes that hold personal meaning for them.

Why Ogden, Utah?

Armando Pazos, President and Managing Director of Electric Thermal Solutions (ETS), highlights Ogden’s unique strengths as a location. With an experienced workforce and existing infrastructure, the city provides a seamless transition for the expanded facility. The region’s engagement with Chromalox has been pivotal in driving clean and sustainable energy initiatives. Ogden serves as the hub for manufacturing the company’s electric heating technology and solutions, contributing to the global mission of industrial decarbonization.

About Chromalox

Chromalox is a global leader in electric thermal technologies. With a legacy spanning over a century, they have been at the forefront of electric heating technology. Today, Chromalox continues to innovate and serve various global markets and industries. Their advanced thermal solutions cater to sustainable and mission-critical applications, contributing to the transformation in energy, materials, advanced technology, health, and nutrition. For more information, visit

Chromalox is a part of the Electric Thermal Solutions Business of Spirax-Sarco Engineering. To learn more about the Spirax-Sarco Engineering Group, visit


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