Tyler Nancollas, Skyline Hills Financial

Tyler Nancollas, Skyline Hills Financial

Founded in 2021 by three young entrepreneurs, Skyline Hills Financial is a debt collection agency based in Ogden, Utah.

Tyler Nancollas, Skyline Hills Financial

Founded in 2021 by three young entrepreneurs, Skyline Hills Financial is a debt collection agency based in Ogden, Utah. The founders collectively noticed inefficient areas in the debt collection industry, and after vigorously analyzing these areas, they wanted to create a company that would provide the best experience possible for companies throughout Utah while helping and serving the people who find themselves owing money. It took months of strategic planning and preparation before they officially opened on April 4, 2021.

James Wilson, Alex Benitez, Tyler Nancollas

The debt collection agency is modernizing and improving the way debts get collected – their debt recovery experts prioritize clients’ goals by professionally collecting money that is owed on delinquent accounts while also providing a positive and beneficial experience to those who find themselves in these situations. They take away the “call center” feeling and work alongside their clients to take the best care of them. With every interaction had, Skyline Hills Financial goes above and beyond to ensure a positive experience.

“We chose to start a business in the Ogden-Weber area for many reasons, the main being that we love this community” said co-founder, Tyler Nancollas. “We were born and raised in Ogden and wanted to work in a place that we call home.”

Since the day that they opened, Skyline Hills Financial has strived to be a resource that clients and consumers can rely on. One of the focal points of the agency is to provide accurate information and articles across various subjects including debt recovery and financial literacy. In addition, their agency is one of the few collection agencies in the nation that provides free professional financial advising to their clients’ customers.

“By guiding people through this process, we hope to have an impact that will help provide the knowledge to achieve financial freedom and avoid these situations in the future,” said Tyler. “We host webinars to enhance our customers understanding of finances as well as collections.” The care and respect that Skyline Hills Financial has for their clients and their clients’ customers is something that you won’t find in any other agency.

The assistance that Skyline Hills Financial provides helps to resolve difficult client-customer situations. One customer said in regard to her experience with Skyline Hills Financial, “I’ve never dealt with such a respectful and knowledgeable team when it comes to my debt.” This wasn’t the first time she was sent to collections due to outstanding balances. “Once I began to work with their specialists, my entire mentality changed.” Skyline Hills Financial left such a positive impact on this customer, that she went back to the company she had a balance with to let them know how great the service was.

Tyler, Alex, and James are excited to be more involved in the community and are looking forward to opportunities to help local companies and people.

To contact Skyline Hills Financial, please visit their website here or contact Tyler at tylern@skylinehf.com

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