Roy Demographics

Roy is one of the larger cities in the Ogden-Weber area with 7.6 square miles of land. The city of Roy is considered one of the cheapest places in Utah to own a home, with the average home value being little more than $160,000.

There are six elementary schools in the Roy area, two junior high schools, and one high school, and the population of Roy is almost 37,000 people. Roy is just slightly southwest of Ogden and borders Hill Air Force Base on the east.


The city of Roy is at more than 4,500 feet elevation, and the temperatures in Roy are slightly warmer than those of the surrounding areas, at least during the winter. The average winter temperatures is about 25 degrees Fahrenheit, while the summer temperatures, at their high, settle around the high 90s, especially during July.

Roy receives much more snow than it does rain during the year, with an average of 18 inches of snow per year. The city of Roy does receive some rain during the spring and fall months.

Industry in the Roy Area

There are more than 2,300 business firms in the Roy area, which makes up only .9 percent of the total number of business firms in Utah. Roy, however, has an exceptional number of women-owned business firms, at a rate of 35.1 percent, which is significant when compared to the Utah percentage of 24.9.

Roy’s retail sales per capita is lower than the Utah average, with only a little more than $6,000 per capita. This is less than half of Utah’s retail per capita.

That being said, there is plenty of room for new and expanding businesses in the Roy area. For more information about Roy City, visit