Ogden Demographics

Though Ogden is already the largest city in Weber County, it is experiencing unprecedented growth. Many businesses are recognizing that there are niches available in Ogden, so the area has become dynamic and is now often bustling with activity. With its gorgeous scenery and proximity to recreational areas, Ogden is a hotspot for all types of people.

Population Information

Currently, Ogden has a population of more than 82,000 people and is continually increasing. The median age in the area is approximately 29 years old, and, on average, each household has 2.72 people. The greater Ogden area is a melting pot of diversity, since 20 percent of the population is from a minority ethnic group. Of that 20 percent, a large portion is Hispanic.

Because Ogden has a relatively young population and promotes diversity, it is a perfect destination for businesses of all types, no matter who their target population is.

Geography and Climate

Two small rivers, the Ogden River and the Weber River run through the area. Ogden is also nestled within the mountains of the Wasatch Front and has an elevation of 4,300-5,200 feet above sea level. The Ogden area offers a nice contrast of seasons, as the temperatures in the summer can exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit and the temperatures in the winter can easily drop below 20 degrees.

This seasonal contrast is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, and, because of that, Ogden has a booming recreational industry.

Employment and Industry

Ogden enjoys a variety of industries with a growing need for transportation, a number of industrial parks, and a large university. The Ogden area has also been ranked 10th in the nation for jobs created. With such a prime setting, which acts as a catalyst for growth, it’s no surprise that many businesses are relocating to Ogden.

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