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Marcus Myers, Senior Vice President & CEO, Myers Mortuary

Interview with Marcus Myers
Senior Vice President & CEO, Myers Mortuary

Industry: Funeral Homes & Directors
Founded: 1940
Employees: 74
Chamber Member Since: 1951
Website: www.myers-mortuary.com

Myers Mortuary compassionately strives for excellence and integrity in funeral service, cremation, funeral planning and cemetery.


Q: What services does Myers Mortuary provide to make the client experience exceptional?

A: This line of work takes excellent listening skills. Our funeral directors ask families to share stories and memories about their loved ones so we can understand their life and accomplishments. It brings meaning to us and helps us prepare custom services. Our staff is trained to help clients find comfort in the process. We offer an experience that is beyond funeral services.

Q: What are some challenges Myers faces and how do you plan to overcome them?

A: There are several regulations of disposition and care of the deceased that are continually changing in the industry. Our involvement in state and national association and advocacy boards helps us keep a step ahead of those changes. For example, natural disposition is currently an industry trend and we are already preparing green burial garden. It’s important for us to continually work toward improvement and listen for desired changes. Our Pets at Peace program stemmed directly from client feedback. We care for the whole family, so we now have burial, cremation and tribute services for pets.


Q: What kind of involvement does Myers Mortuary have in the local community?

A: We love the communities we serve! Being actively engaged on community boards, we sponsor and develop approximately 400 benefit programs and events each year. We’re involved in a variety of causes such as children, military, healthcare, civic and non-profit organizations to name a few. It’s important to us to give back to our community and local businesses. We recent awarded seven, $1000 scholarships to high school students based on essays about their dreams and aspirations. We think our community has a bright future.


Q: What do you envision for the future of Myers Mortuary?

A: We’re committed to continued growth and improvement of all our facilities. Our Brigham City location will be receiving new statues and a mural. The chapel in Ogden is in renovation now and a new mural was just completed. We’re excited to have a full-service, green burial available in the very near future. We’re also looking to have fully catered reception centers for our customers’ celebrations. At the heart of our growth we plan to continue to be innovative in the services we offer to ensure our clients needs are met.


Q: What is something that people might be surprised to learn about Myers Mortuary?

A: People might be surprised to learn that my grandfather and great grandfather established Myers Mortuary. Their humble beginnings required them to borrow and even beg for help in starting their business. Living in the funeral home with their families was often difficult to avoid disturbing the services. The Myers family has this business running through our blood. It’s our home.



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