Mark B. Adams, Chief Executive Officer, Ogden Regional Medical Center

Interview with Mark B. Adams,
Chief Executive Officer, Ogden Regional Medical Center

Industry: Health Care
Founded: September 18, 1946 under the name St. Benedicts Hospital
Employees: 1,000
Chamber Member Since: 1984

Ogden Regional Medical Center (ORMC) is a cornerstone of Weber County. ORMC offers invaluable expertise gained from almost seventy years of delivering exceptional patient care. With an outstanding staff of nearly 300 physicians and 1,000 employees and volunteers, ORMC is devoted to providing high-quality healthcare and exceeding expected standards through continuous improvements in technology, advanced procedures and individual patient care.

Q: What is the hospital doing that you are most proud of?

A: One year ago, Ogden Regional adopted a new mission statement: “We commit to provide healing, hope and comfort to all we serve.” This mission has been very exciting to me because I believe it connects the work we do with the people we serve. As a healthcare provider, we see and interact with people during their most joyous times and their most challenging times. It is a tremendous honor for us to be the trusted hospital choice by members of our community. It is also extremely fulfilling to see our caregivers come to work every day driven by a mission that embraces the compassionate and human side of healthcare. At Ogden Regional, every patient is a person and we believe in treating each and every person with healing, hope and comfort.

Q: What kind of involvement does Ogden Regional Medical Center have in the community to promote health and well-being?

A: Every year, ORMC contributes to numerous charities and community groups and events. We have a deep-held belief that working together as a team is essential in healing and preventing healthcare issues. This belief is evidenced by our partnership with local employers, civic groups and religious organizations to provide medical screenings, health and wellness information, outreach and even immunizations.

We are extremely proud to be an anchor institution with OgdenCAN, a coalition between Weber State University, Ogden Regional and 5 other key constituents in the Ogden area. The goal of OgdenCAN is to positively affect the education, housing and health of the East Central neighborhood, Ogden’s most economically disadvantaged area wherein 23% of residents live in poverty. Ogden Regional is dedicated to contributing to the health and strength of our community and it is our privilege to assist in the revitalization of this neighborhood.

Q: What are some challenges the hospital faces and how do you plan to overcome them?

A: In our community, across Utah and even across the country, there is a shortage of mental health resources. Because of this shortage, patients in need of mental health treatment are often waiting in physician offices or emergency rooms until a behavioral health center can accept them. Recognizing this need, I am proud to say that Ogden Regional will be opening a new behavioral health unit in February, 2018. This 12-bed unit will help those who need acute mental healthcare receive the care they need.

In addition to the behavioral health unit, we will also be opening a 12 bed alcohol and chemical dependency detox unit as well as a 12 bed alcohol and chemical dependency residential treatment facility. These areas will also open in February, 2018.

Q: What is Ogden Regional Medical Center’s vision for the future?

A: In one word, our vision is inspiring! We are continually looking for new ways to serve our patients. In the last 3 years, we have expanded our intermediate care unit, opened a brand new critical care unit, expanded our pediatric unit, renovated our imaging department – complete with a new CT scanner – and we will add behavioral health and chemical dependency units within the next 3 months. All of this is in addition to investing a significant amount of capital in state-of-the-art patient care technology and equipment. Moving forward, our vision is to remain true to our legacy and provide the very best possible healthcare to our patients.

Q: What is something that people might be surprised to learn about Ogden Regional Medical Center?

A: People may be surprised at the breadth of services available at Ogden Regional. While the culture of our hospital has a familial feel, the advanced medical capabilities and treatments available at Ogden Regional is comprehensive to say the least. Some of our advanced services include cardiovascular surgery, neonatal intensive care, advanced trauma care, extensive cancer treatment services, mono-place hyperbaric oxygen and wound care treatment centers and joint and spine Centers of Excellence.

Q: Is there anything else you’d like to add?

A: Ogden Regional is proud to be a member of this community. We are proud to offer advanced healthcare to our friends and family and, as much change as the healthcare industry has experienced, one thing is certain—when you come to Ogden Regional, you will receive the very best healthcare Utah has to offer.


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