LNU IGP Interest Submission

Interest and Participation Submission

Intergenerational Poverty Initiative (IGP)

Thank you for your willingness to participate in the 2018 Leadership Northern Utah project.

This year’s project is designed to help reduce intergenerational poverty in Weber County. Additionally, it is created to help businesses by providing connections to an alternative workforce channel. By joining us in this effort, we are working together to build business and community prosperity.

This submission serves as acknowledgment of your organization’s interest and willingness to provide paid employment, internships and/or training opportunities for individuals who are impacted by intergenerational poverty. These opportunities are directly related to helping you fill your business employment needs.

By agreeing to participate in the IGP initiative does not bind your organization to a funding commitment or obligation to provide a specified number of employment positions for IGP individuals.

Follow up to this submission will be completed by Logistic Specialties, Inc. (LSI), who is designated as an organization to help manage the IGP initiative in Weber County. Detailed information and instructions will be forthcoming.

On behalf of our organization, we express interest in participating in the Weber County IGP Workforce Initiative.

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