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Mark L. Hilles, President, Mountain West Architects

Interview with Mark L. Hilles
President, Mountain West Architects

Industry: Architecture
Founded: 2011
Employees: 6
Chamber Member Since: 2011
Website: www.mountainwestarchitects.com

Mountain West Architects (MWA) is a regional architecture firm offering high quality architectural design services, specializing in commercial, educational, church, residential and industrial facilities throughout the Mountain West.

Q: What sets Mountain West Architects (MWA) apart from other architectural firms?

Simply put, it’s client satisfaction and design excellence. This industry is extremely detail oriented and you don’t get many second chances. Our team deeply understands what it takes to deliver a successful project. We believe that design is the cornerstone of great architecture and we use our creativity, technology, and software expertise to help provide our clients with a vision. It’s careful attention to detail and creativity that make our projects successful.MWA_VUT

Q: Why has MWA selected the Ogden-Weber community as its home base?

Location. The landscape of the Wasatch Front is incredibly intriguing. The first time I came to the area, I went to Alta after a snow storm and it sealed the deal on relocating here. Our mission is to embody and complement this special place through the built environment. In fact, we recently moved our office to 25th Street to better immerse ourselves in Ogden and this community. We are so fortunate to live, work and play in such grandeur.

Q: What are some challenges your company faces and how do you plan to overcome them?

The architectural industry is as relational as any. Our work comes from the relationships we’ve built within the community. When these time intensive projects are keeping us busy, it’s more difficult to find time for socializing and community involvement. In spite of a work demands, our team makes time to be involved in the community. We are plugged into many organizations and Boards in the area.  Our team helped in a remodel two years ago for Enable Utah. This was just another opportunity to touch lives and build relationships.

MWA_TRCOQ: What does the future have in store for MWA?

The future of Mountain West Architects is bright. We keep busy with a steady flow of projects, and we’re actively looking ahead to see possible projects come through the pipeline. In the past year, our accounts receivable have doubled. We’re focused on being savvy with the latest technology and tools for design and we feel confident in our talented team. I’m excited to see where the future takes us.  We’d like to partner more with developers and construction managers in the area.

Q: What is something that people might be surprised to learn about MWA?

As a startup company, some may be surprised by the project experience and scope our team has delivered.  Our experience includes multiple commercial, educational and religious projects each in excess of $25 million in construction value.  We’re sized right to handle projects from small commercial projects to large projects such as educational buildings with beautiful, state-of-the-art designs.  We’ve done these community based projects throughout the Mountain West and it’s our passion to improve our communities, one project at a time.


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