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Clint Costley, Vice President, Kier Construction

Interview with Clint Costley
Vice President, Kier Construction

Industry: Construction
Founded: 1986
Employees: 70
Chamber Member Since: 1986
Website: www.kier.org

Kier Construction is a Commercial Construction Manager and Utah General Contractor specializing in multi-family, assisted living, hospitality, apartment rehab, renovations and self-storage projects.

Q: Why do customers choose to work with Kier Construction?

Customers choose Kier because we have a customer-focused reputation combined with
expertise in specific markets. For example we do a significant amount of business in multi-unit construction. We are fully engaged with our customers from concept to completion and ensure that every facet of the job is met. Our number one objective is to build a strong relationship with each of our clients.


Q: How has Kier Construction dealt with the economic downfalls in the past and how are you positioned to address them in the future?

The construction industry is very cyclical in nature. About every seven years we see a downturn. During those downturn years we rely heavily on the relationships we’ve established with our core clients. Kier was originally built to address affordable housing needs. In the most recent downturn, we continued to pursue those projects that resulted in a small uptick in our small commercial construction segment. In addition, we actually grew our employee base with no loss of jobs during the recent downturn. I imagine our strategy will continue to be similar in the future.


Q: What are some of the ways Kier Construction engages with the Ogden-Weber community?

Approximately two-thirds of our 70 employees live in the Ogden-Weber area, so we are naturally invested in the county. We actively seek and build relationships with sub-contractors and suppliers based in the surrounding area. We are also an active supporter of Weber State University and we serve on several advisory boards and non-profit councils. Each year, we host a golf tournament that raises between $25,000 and $30,000 that is returned to the non-profit community.


Q: What is the vision for the future of Kier Construction?

We plan to continue to do what has kept Kier great. Our vision is to enhance communities and improve quality of life one project at a time. We’ve had a steady growth in the past 30 years increasing revenue from 4 million to 130 million. We hope to expand the markets in which we already see success. For example, we look forward to expanding our assisted living and hospitality projects as they complement our well established multi-unit portfolio. We will also be widening our various commercial opportunities including office, retail, medical and state-funded buildings. We love Ogden and will remain an Ogden-based company, but we also expect to expand our influence geographically as well.


Q: What is something that people might be surprised to learn about Kier Construction?

Our main focus is the intermountain area, but we are licensed in nine states and have done business as far east as Indiana and Kentucky. Also, many people confuse Kier Construction with Kier Corporation, a management company established in 1981. We are a standalone, contract
construction company and have been since 1986.

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