City and Business

The Ogden-Weber area is home to many large industries that provide a large portion of the jobs for residents. There are also many small businesses that have been working their way up within the city. With such a variety of business opportunities, any business has a chance at being successful in the Ogden-Weber area.

Ogden is a center for recreation and tourism, but there are many other industries that have made the area their home. Many out-of-state companies have bases of operation here in Utah, offering employment and business opportunities that few other states can boast.

Large Industries in the Ogden Area

The Ogden area has its fair share of large industrial corporations in all areas of business. In 2012, the Ogden-Weber area was ranked sixth in the United States for both business and careers, and part of the reason for that is the wide availability and growth of business and employment due to large industries and growing small businesses.

Some of Ogden’s top industries include:

  • Federal government services
  • Automotive safety services
  • Hospital care
  • Education
  • Fabrication, machining, and warehousing
  • Health supplement production
  • Solar panel and small gas turbine manufacturing
  • Customer service
  • Financial institutions

As you can see, there are so many opportunities for businesses and individuals to find what they’re looking for in Ogden. Individuals have a high chance of finding work they enjoy, and businesses can easily find a niche in the extremely diverse corporate environment.