China Barnes, Good as Gold Insurance LLC

China Barnes, Good as Gold Insurance LLC

In 2021, China Barnes started Good as Gold Insurance. A one-woman business who writes all different types of insurance customized to your lifestyle!

In 2021, China started Good As Gold Insurance as a one-woman business writing all different types of insurance policies customized to the lifestyle of her clients. As a mother of two girls, it was important for China to have a job where she was able to stay home with them as much as possible before the school year started – Good As Gold Insurance allowed her to do just that.

“You’ve got it gal!” is China’s motto – she never gives up on a challenge and she never wants her clients to give up either. “No” is not an option for her and she will go to any lengths to make things work. Many clients have said that China always gets back to them with not only a solution, but several options when they felt stuck. Everyone knows they can count on China!

One customer testimonial from her client, Debbie Williams, reads, “China is so bright and really knows about insurance. She is friendly and very conscientious, making sure you get the right insurance for your personal needs.”

China loves and values Ogden’s rich culture, history, and growing community. She has always been connected to this community and proud of its accomplishments and growth. Ogden was the ideal place for her to start her business and she knew that her business would prosper here. When asked what the biggest win for her business has been, China said, “Good As Gold Insurance has experienced financial every month since it opened in 2021.” China is excited for the future and looks forward to seeing the growth of a business that is her completely her own, not attached to another person!

So, what if, instead of thinking about solving your whole life, you just think about adding additional good things. One at a time. Just let your pile of good things grow.

– Rainbow Rowell

To learn more about China please call or email her at: (801) 940 2693 or


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