Soul Beautiful Salon

Soul Beautiful Salon

Imagine finishing a 12 hour shift and still being energized. That would be a clear signal that you are working your passion, not just a job. That is how Tina Calandra, owner of Soul Beautiful Salon, feels about doing hair.

Tina started doing cosmetics and makeup 25 years ago and quickly realized she wanted more. She enjoys enhancing the whole look and feels very passionately about creating the look and feel her clients want from the inside out. Tina has found over and over again that the media has a profound impact on her clients, giving them unrealistic expectations of what beauty is. So, Tina’s mission is to help people feel beautiful and happy in their own skin.

After moving to the Ogden area four years ago, Tina was searching for work at a Salon. She began to envision her own space: A spa-like, salon atmosphere where her clients could come and spend time in self-care activities and receive beauty treatments. Her vision took shape as she opened Soul Beautiful Salon in Pleasant View and her clients love the relaxing atmosphere she has created.

Business ownership is multifaceted and keeps Tina wearing many hats. She credits the relationships she’s made through the Chamber that make her feel that she is in business for herself, but not by herself. Tina loves connecting with the community and participating in local events.

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Founded in 1887, the Ogden-Weber Chamber of Commerce is a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing business and community prosperity in northern Utah. 

Based in Ogden, the Chamber represents 850+ organizations in 15 cities and several unincorporated areas in Weber County.

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