Bill Willahan, NOW CFO

Bill Willahan, NOW CFO

Bill Willahan joined the NOW CFO team in 2017, working to help clients overcome obstacles and improve company operations.

Bill Willahan, NOW CFO

Bill Willahan is a Business and Accounting Consultant at NOW CFO, a full-service consulting firm founded in 2005. Bill was invited to join the NOW CFO team in 2017 and continues to experience the thrill of working with clients to over come obstacles and improve operations.

NOW CFO is a “roll up our sleeves” full-service consulting firm with a singular focus on outsourced CFO, controller, accounting, and financial service needs. Their reputation as talented management consultants and financial analysts with an entrepreneurial spirit has helped them grow to over 31 markets in 13 different states with hundreds of employees – all of them providing financial services that improve the success of their clients.

With most NOW CFO Utah Operations along the Wasatch Front in Salt Lake and Utah counties, it was time to break ground in the Ogden-Weber area. “I have been involved in these northern counties over the last few years, and I’ve observed an innovative entrepreneurial focus which I both respect and wanted to be part of,” said Bill. In 2019, Bill moved his family to Layton to represent NOW CFO in both Davis and Weber counties.

When asked what the defining moments of his career at NOW CFO is, Bill said, “There have been several defining moments with difficult and complex projects; from cryptocurrency accounting to implementing new systems that have helped me understand how important our clients are.” Bill explains that the accounting for a cryptocurrency company is extremely complicated.

NOW CFO fits a unique spot in the accounting world. They do not do audits or taxes, but rather they work with their clients in offering business and accounting services focused on the operations of the clients. NOW CFO advisors are partnered with a client to help create success and continue growth. This team mentality has created bonds with their clients, who are widely valued throughout the business world.

Bill is excited to see NOW CFO continue to grow and expand into markets that need their services. With the increasing complexities of business, NOW CFO is well-positioned to assist clients in achieving success.

Financial Visibility Means Smarter Business Decisions

To learn more about Bill or inquire about his services please visit NOW CFO’s website here or email Bill at

Ogden-Weber Chamber of Commerce

Founded in 1887, the Ogden-Weber Chamber of Commerce is a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing business and community prosperity in northern Utah. 

Based in Ogden, the Chamber represents 850+ organizations in 15 cities and several unincorporated areas in Weber County.

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