Membership Benefits

As a business in the Ogden area, the smartest decision for the growth of your company is to join the Ogden-Weber Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber acts as a unified voice for cohesive businesses in the Ogden area so all of Ogden can expand and be more successful as a unit. And, because the Chamber is involved in the government and the education system, we always have opportunities to advocate for our membership.

When you become a member, you and your business get access to an incredible number of benefits. These benefits will allow your business to reach more of your target population and become a player in the Ogden area community as a whole.

Take Advantage of What the Ogden-Weber Chamber Has to Offer

The benefits for members of the Chamber go far and wide. With the Chamber at your back, your business will reach heights you might not have thought were possible. Here are some of the great benefits that being a partner entails:

Promotional Opportunities and Referrals

At the Ogden-Weber Chamber, we take care of our members. We advertise our members’ businesses on our newsletters, website, social media accounts, and more. Additionally, we display our partners in our lobby so hundreds of potential customers will see them.

The Chamber receives more than 3,000 requests for recommendations every year, and we only ever recommend our members.


When you’re one of our members, your customers will recognize that your business is legitimate and that your company is working hard to participate in the local community.


As a Chamber member, you will receive exclusive invitations to seminars, events, and a variety of committees all with the goal to increase the success of your business.

Business Services

If you’re looking to relocate or otherwise jumpstart your business, the Chamber has the capacity to provide all types of business services to members.

Additional Benefits

Your partnership with the Chamber also includes access to our conference room when available, discounted library of business tools, certificates of origin, and numberous networking oppotunities. The membership fee is also completely tax deductable, which is yet another reason why joining the Chamber in building a stronger, more successful Ogden-Weber area is a good idea.

Click here for a complete list of benefits.

To become a member with the Ogden-Weber Chamber, call us today at (801) 621-8300.