Contacts Network

Are you eager to grow the clientele of your business? Do you wish that you would get more referrals for your company? If so, joining one of the contacts network committees at the Ogden-Weber Chamber of Commerce will provide you with the tools and partners necessary to improve your company’s reach significantly.

By meeting new people with similar goals, you will have a team of capable professional business people who are ready and willing to recommend your products to others. If you’re a partner with the Ogden-Weber Chamber of Commerce and haven’t yet joined one of the contacts network committees, you’re missing out on critical business opportunities!

Contacts Network Committee 1

The Contacts Network Committee 1 is designed so that there is only one spot open for each industry. That means that, if you are serving on the committee, you will be representing your entire industry and will have others to proliferate your company for you since you’re the only one who performs that particular service.

In exchange for having business professionals from all areas recommending your company, you simply have to refer people to their companies when appropriate. You can do this in a number of ways, all of which will be explained when you join the committee.

This committee and Contacts Network Committee 2 typically meet twice per month around lunch time.

Contacts Network Committee 2

The Contacts Network Committee 2 works just like the Contacts Network Committee 1, just with new spots for the industries. So, if there is already someone from your industry in Contacts Network Committee 1, you can join Contacts Network Committee 2!

Contacts Network Committee 3

The Contacts Network Committee 3 is an open book committee, meaning that two companies from the same industry can join the committee. All the committees are great for providing you with wonderful business opportunities; it just depends on where you feel the most comfortable and what you think would work the best for your company.

This committee  typically meet twice per month around before business hours.

If you would like more information, call the Ogden-Weber Chamber of Commerce at (801) 621-8300!