About the Chamber

The Ogden-Weber Chamber of Commerce, We make things happen!

The Ogden-Weber Chamber of Commerce is more than just a meeting place for businesses. It is an opportunity to grow your business in the community. The Chamber offers various activities, committees, and events that open up the door of opportunity and enables businesses of all sizes to interact and discuss strategies, problems, and successes.

The Ogden-Weber Chamber, one of the largest in Utah, continually strives to offer innovative ways to create a positive experience for all of its members. From the Military Affairs committee, to the Legislative Affair committee, to Women in Business, there is certainly something for everyone. For further information about The Ogden Weber Chamber of Commerce contact chamber@ogdenweberchamber.com.

Ogden’s proximity to and history with the railroad had earned it two nicknames toward the end of the 19th Century: “Junction City” and “Gateway to the West.” It also marked the beginning of significant commerce activity and stimulated the creation of a more organized effort to bolster and integrate business development activities.

The Chamber’s history is packed with many other examples of advancing prosperity in Weber County. It’s difficult to imagine what Weber County would look like without the vision, leadership, and service of countless individuals from the Chamber and other organizations in the community.

Please take a few minutes and look around our site to learn more about Ogden and our Chamber of Commerce.